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Community Business Incubator


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The mission of Community Business Incubator, Inc. is to promote economic development in under-served communities throughout San Diego. We provide services to at risk youth in under-served communities to transform their entrepreneurial concepts into sustainable businesses that are drivers of economic growth.

Our Vision

CBI is and will continue to be recognized as an innovative business incubator and entrepreneurial training academy. We will provide our program participants with a level of assistance that surpasses their highest expectations. Our ability to leverage relationships on behalf of our program participants will be unparalleled. Our people and the organization will come to represent the ideal business partner for entrepreneurs who wish to start and grow their new company. Our participant companies will be recognized as "best in class" leaders within their respective industries, that will become drivers of economic growth in the community.


Taking the classes to where the need is and working to make a deference child by child.

Donations are welcome to help keep the inspiration express going.

Courses - Training - Mentoring

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CBI Incubator

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Business Development

Community Business Incubator consists of project based Ten-Smart-Teams™ operating in strategic alliance to develop your business.


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