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Who We Are

Community Business Incubator is a unique project based incubator model that was created to serve disadvantaged and under-served communities to mentor startup businesses throughout their life cycle.  As a incubator client we want you to Come and Be Inspired, Be inspired to live your dream of owning and operating a successful business.  We know that focusing on each client business with our Smart-Team project based approach they will be a viable sustainable business that will be a job creator to improve the economics of their communities.

Community Business Incubator, Inc. (CBI) headquartered in San Diego, California is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit business development public charity corporation.

Research and experience shows that our incubator model is an ideal way for potential startup businesses to have a real chance of success especially in underserved communities.  We are professionals, business owners, community leaders and executives that act as mentors that will help to bridge the gap and offer a better chance to access capital, while keeping them focused on trying to be sustainable start-up.

CBI Adds Real Value

As an effective incubators CBI provides mentorship, business counseling, and management assistance to our client firms. Community Business Incubator’s value-added business services differentiate us from an office suite. And what’s even more of a differentiator is that we (CBI) target the youth and the under-served or disadvantaged communities.

Benefits of CBI’s Incubation

  • Engage with other entrepreneurs in a collaborative atmosphere.
  • Peer-to-peer sharing of successes and challenges helps entrepreneurs knows there are other business owners facing similar issues.
  • Connect clients to programs, funding opportunities and entrepreneurial resources that accelerate growth and profitability for their business.
  • Confidential review of financial document by our Smart-Team mentors
  • Help entrepreneurs manage risk associated with start-up endeavors.

Our aim is to empower incubator clients to successfully develop and effective innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem where innovative entrepreneurs can flourish.

CBI’s courses are made possible due to the generous contributions of individuals and partners like you. Please help us to continue to promote leadership and the growth.

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Taking the classes to where the need is and working to make a deference child by child.

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