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Engage Young Minds in Coding with mobile app development, game development, and animation.
Coding has quickly become the next educational frontier when it comes to STEM education. Children are finding more interest in traveling down the path of becoming developers, or at least engaging with coding with more than a passing fancy. The tools that previous generations used to travel this path tended to be clunky and limited. Now, with products like Alice, Unity, Ureal Engine, NetBeans, and Android Studio, we are able to take the casual interest in coding and nurture it within young minds.. This is accomplished in four levels of classes listed below.

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This is our level one introductory programming course that has been designed for students with no previous programming experience. Level One, Ages 7 - 11

In this level two programming course, you will start learning how to program in an eviornment which uses Java programming language. Level Two, Ages 7 - 11

In this course we will focus on program implementation with procedural methods, parameters, and multiple parameters. Level Three, Ages 7 - 11

In this course we will continue to build on the concepts and methods learned in the previous programming levels add a higher level of complexity to our projects, and design algorithms, translate algorithms into code and implement the procedures to solve the task. Level Four, Ages 7 - 11