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Introduction To Mobile Apps Development

Get an understanding of how to make mobile apps for iOS and Android. Programming level one...

Additional Info

  • Course Length: 24 Hours
  • Class Size: 10
  • Registration: Open
  • Summary:

    Mobile Application Development! This the level one training in the Youth Business Mobile Application Development (YBMAD) Series. It is a comprehensive training for anyone who wants to get started with mobile application development and coding.  In this training you will learn how to install the mobile application development software environment.  By the completion of this training you will gain and understanding of the user interface in the development software, coding syntax, application layout and design,  application programming life-cycle and what it takes to develop skills to be a programmer. In this training you will create mobile application Program and see the workflow from start to finish.

    The following sections are covered in this training.

    1. - Introduction to course

    2. - Installation

    3. - Hello World

    4. - Hello Life-cycle

    5. - Activity - Discussion

    In this training, we'll also explore how to write apps for both IOS and Android devices. Currently the market share of all smartphones, and sales of tablets are increasing. Because of this explosion of personal computing devices, the opportunities for developers in this market are tremendous.

    To take advantage of these opportunities, certain knowledge and skills are required.This training is designed to help you get a feel for coding and to provide you with enough information so that you can decide if coding is for you.