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Mobile App / Game Development Project

Additional Info

  • Course Length: 120 Hours
  • Class Size: 10
  • Registration: Open
  • Summary:

    In the Mobile Application or Game Development project you will work in with a team to develop your own mobile app or game.  There will training on animation, graphics and of curse coding. You will start with the clear understanding of the project before the development. So there is a lot to cover. 

    The sections covered in this training project are:

    1. - Defining scope
    2. - Understanding your audience
    3. - The Game components
    4. - Goals setting
    5. - 2D and 3D Graphics
    6. - Prototyping
    7. - Storyboarding
    8. - Testing and Demo

    This training project offers several powerful life tools and techniques which will enable you to develop skills for all area of you career.

    Animation is the act of changing an object's properties over a period of time.