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Problem Solving, Design, First Project

In this level two programming course, you will start learning how to program in an eviornment which uses Java programming language. Level Two, Ages 7 - 11

Additional Info

  • Course Length: 10 Hours
  • Class Size: 10
  • Registration: Open
  • Summary:

    We will begin by implementing the methods learned in level one (Introduction to Programming) to create the first programming project.
    We will cover how to write a program.
    You will learn basic tools used in programming.
    We will also discuss how to identify the task and how to structure a sequence of code instructions to accomplish the task.

    By the end of this course you will have gained an understanding of:

    1. - What is a computer program
    2. - Various kinds of tasks programs are written for
    3. - What are statements
    4. - Three basic kinds of statements
    5. - Procedural methods
    6. - Controls