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Programming With Game Development

Additional Info

  • Course Length: 24 Hours
  • Class Size: 10
  • Registration: Open
  • Summary:

    At this point, with the knowledge you've gained from level one programming, you should be able to write some fairly advanced coding. In this training, we'll continue our discussion of conditions, loops, classes, functions by looking at some controls need to move and interact with game objects and the player.  Most of the coding in game development will be very easy to use and understand.  With the knowledge you've gained, you should have no problem figuring them out.  By the completion of this training you will have a in-depth understanding of coding and game development.  And when applied to the information you've already learned, the usage of most of the controls in the game development environment can be fairly easily gleaned.

    This training will cover the following:

    1. - Game Development Environment
    2. - Java Coding
    3. - C# or C++ coding (dependent on platform used)
    4. - Objects Interaction
    5. - Game Publishing